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Weidmuller W-Series Terminal Block Product Line Features


The W-Series terminal block, moulded from Wemid material, is thermally stable up to 120 deg C yet still retains a high degree of flexibility and breakage resistance.

The current bars are constructed of tin-plated copper to insure high conductivity and corrosion resistance.

The Weidmuller W-Series Terminal Blocks employ the well-proven screw clamp technology that compresses the wire against the busbar by using a cage clamp constructed of hardened steel. The special design of this clamp provides exception contact force as well as vibration resistance.

All of these terminal blocks mount on industry standard TS 35 DIN Mounting Rail. Most of these blocks snap easily onto the rail without requiring any tools.


Weidmuller WDU 2.5 Terminal Block Busbar and Cage Clamp

Copper Bussbar and Hardened Steel Cage Clamp Technology

Profile and Marking

An outstanding feature of the Weidmuller W-Series Terminal block product line is that all of the single-level feed-thru, disconnect, ground blocks and fuse blocks from 2.5 mm to 10 mm sq sizes have an identical profile when installed on the mounting rail. This makes insertion of the wires into the terminal blocks much easier and reduces wiring errors such as "whiskering".

The wide area for marking tags allow the use of Dekafix Marking Tags, WS Marking Tags, and more.


Weidmuller W-Series Terminal Blocks - Wide Marking Area and Uniform Block Profile

  • Uniform Block Profile for Fuse Block, Feed Thru, Disconnect and Ground Blocks
  • Ample Space for Marking

Jumpering (or Cross-Connection)

Another exceptional feature of this product line is the versatile jumpering (or cross-connection) capabilities. The following options are available for your jumpering requirements:

Three Jumpering (Cross-Connection) Options
Installing Weidmuller "Comb"-type jumpers Screwing in Weidmuller WQV Terminal Block Cross-connection jumpers Plugging in Weidmuller ZQV Terminal Block Jumpers
QB Jumper Combs WQV Screw-In Jumpers ZQV Plug-in Jumpers

The feed-thru terminal blocks in this product line will accept up to 3 of the ZQV-type plug–in jumpers to provide significant flexibility for your terminal block’s cross-connection requirements.

The W-Series Terminal Block product line is mature and as a result includes a wide variety of special application blocks, marking systems, and accessories to handle your most demanding application.





Weidmuller DEKAFIX Marking Tags for Terminal Blocks

Need marking tags for your terminal blocks?


Wire Ferrules or Cord End Terminals

How about wire-end ferrules (Also known as cord end terminals)?



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